The Goal

I’m refining my goals for the next several weeks. And I’m using the SMART goals system with this.

S(Specific) – #1 Lose 5 lbs.; #2 Get my BMI to 21%; #3 Target strengthening my arms; #4 Strengthen my core/abs (6-pack, here I come!);#5 Eat cleaner. Get my Carb/Protein/Fat ratio where it should be.

M(Measurable) – The first two are easy to measure. I use my scale at home for weight and my trainer, Mark, does caliper measurements periodically for BMI. Numbers 3 & 4 will mostly be about appearance and endurance. Those are harder to measure. But I’m leaning heavily on progress here. The last one is about developing new habits. Also difficult to measure, but I’ll track it based on how closely I stick to my calorie goal and percentages.

A(Attainable) – All of these are possible. Nothing is out of reach.

R(Reasonable) – These fit into my overall life goals to get stronger mentally and physically.

T(Time-bound) – My long-term goal is July 4th. In 5 months I want to see progress in all areas. Realistically, I think I can get it done in close to 2 months, and maintain my better habits afterwards.

February 3, 2013

February 3, 2013

Here are my statistics:

Age: 43, Height 5′ 4 1/2″, Weight 128 (I’m being conservative. I fluxuate between 129 & 126), BMI 24.65.

I’ve made a lot of progress over the last year. I began training on January 2, 2012. I’ve dropped 16 lbs., 2 jeans sizes and 13% in BMI. I’m happy with what I’ve done so far. But, there is still work to be done, as much in my mind as in my body, and I think the mental aspect of all of this is what I’m struggling with the most. I’ve heard it said that the biggest muscle in the gym is the mind.

Why put myself through all this? Shouldn’t I just be happy with what I’ve done so far. I said this yesterday, but I believe that without goals we are just existing. I want to get better. It’s not about proving anything to anyone else but myself. It’s not just about getting skinnier. It’s about getting stronger in every area of my life and this is how I get there.

I’m still refining my food and exercise plan. Stay tuned………..