Thoughts from a Narrow-Minded Christian

IMG_2367I’ve come to a point in my life where I have been so bombarded with so many people’s opinions that I hesitate to share my own unless I’m asked. But this is one of those times I will share my unsolicited opinion and it comes as a result of a perception that has prevailed, if not in our society, then certainly in our media.

If you are a member of the gay/lesbian community and consider me a friend, I hope you will read this to the end. According to many posts, videos, and blogs I have seen lately, my Christian faith makes me an adversary to your rights. However, I don’t feel that is a fair assessment of Christians as a whole.

Are there those who profess Christ as their savior who have been rude, narrow-minded, and downright mean? Yes. Are there those who have used their faith to justify their bigotry? Absolutely. The history of the Christian church is full of instances where people have used their influence to squelch the rights and even end the lives of those they deemed unworthy and unfit. So in the spirit of author Donald Miller’s confession booth (Blue Like Jazz), I confess, the church has sinned.

But a closer look at the author of our faith, paints a very different picture. Jesus accepted and befriended all kinds of people. Jesus ate with the leaders in the community like Nicodemus and with the least among society like tax collectors and prostitutes. His message was love. He said, “I have not come to condemn the world, but to save the world…”John 3:17. In fact his sternest words were for the church leaders who used their influence to oppress others.

So on this Easter weekend, as Christians express their gratitude for a God who would sacrifice so much for us, can we all take our eyes off of his imperfect followers and consider the man Jesus himself and his perfect, revolutionary, passionate love for all.