Almost There

TiVo is a wonderful thing when you are ditching cable. I bought a box this week, hooked my antenna up to it and BAM! I’m up and running. I’ve recorded a few shows and it’s working great. I still have a small issue with reception, but I think I can live with it. Every time the picture gets pixilated I remind myself of the money I’m saving.

I haven’t totally shut off the uVerse yet. I want to live with the antenna for a few days before I box up the DVR and send it back to AT&T. But once I do, I’m down to uVerse for my internet alone. If I account for the basic service, HD and DVR. I’m saving about $30 a month. TiVo is a subscription which is the same as the DVR on uVerse. I still have Netflix and the option of getting Hulu or Roku. I’m still pondering that because I think what I have is all I really need. I’m missing some programming but I can live without them.

I’m flabbergasted at how many options there are out there. It’s time-consuming to save money. But I think I’ve found the best deal for me.

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