One More Step

I bought an HD antenna this week. I went to Best Buy and told the sales guy that I was cutting out uVerse. He said, “You’re the third person who has told me that today.”

With my antenna I now have access to local stations without uVerse, but, of course I have to watch them live because I don’t currently have a DVR service. I’ve tried watching some of my favorite shows through the app on my iPhone. I have an adapter that will let me run it through the TV. However, the apps will not let me view a show if I don’t subscribe to the channel through a TV provider. Why would I watch through an app if I already subscribe? Even with Hulu I can’t watch shows from subscription-based channels like Syfy. Looks like uVerse has the all wrapped up. I’ll just have to wait until the season is over and shows up on Netflix.

Anyway, the last piece of this puzzle is a DVR. I’m just not usually home when my favorite shows come on. I’m not invested in very many. I have three or four that I watch regularly, most of which are on basic channels like ABC. So I want a DVR. That means Tivo and another subscription. This is ridiculous. But at least it is still cheaper than uVerse.


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