It’s a Racket

Remember when TV was free?

Those days are quickly coming to a close. I downgraded my uVerse to the very basic. No DVR. No HD. I’m tired of the cost of 200 channels when I only watch about 1/10 of that. I’m committing to downgrading for a year, saving some money and try to take back some of the time I’m losing to channel surfing. I know I can watch the shows I normally record over the internet or on my iPhone with the TV Apps. I decided I would try this for a little while before going all the way and dumping the whole service for a digital antenna.

I tried to watch a show this week (this was Castle on ABC, not a cable channel) and I got a pop-up window telling me to choose my TV service and log in. What????? I can’t stream a show with the internet service I am already buying? I have to subscribe to a cable service too? What a racket!!!! The television agencies and the cable companies have this all wrapped up. If I want to watch a show on a network, somehow they are going to figure out how to charge me for it.

I guess in reality I am paying for the convenience of watching a show any time I want. If I want to use uVerse’s DVR it’ll cost me $15 a month.

But I’ve gotten used to the convenience. Maybe I can get used to having a few extra bucks in my pocket each month and a little extra time on my hands.

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