I Need a Hero

Lately I feel like I’ve been in a battle. Ever been there? You’ve tried every angle and still you are getting nowhere? It’s like that.

As a single woman, I have no one to fight this battle for me. It’s just me. And I wonder if that is why I’m getting nowhere. Is the fact that I’m a woman communicate to men that I don’t need to be taken seriously? Or is it my quiet, easy-going personality that communicates to others that I won’t get upset if they take advantage of me. I wonder.

Maybe it’s the whole women’s liberation movement that has blurred the lines of roles in society, and as a consequence in the church as well.

Or it could be that people just don’t get it. We don’t see how our actions affect other people’s sense of security and well-being. There are few from where I stand who are willing to take up the cause of the single woman, widow or orphan. There is no one to act in righteous indignation when one of these is treated thoughtlessly.

Where are the heros? I know there are good men who are heros to the women in their lives. I applaud you and honor you.

But who will come along and fight for me? Who will stand up for me when I am lied to and led into a situation where I am most vulnerable? Who will stand up to the one who dishonors me? Just like men want to be the protectors, women, whether they will admit it or not, want to be protected. I know God is here. He will fight for me. I cling to scripture that proclaims Him as a strong tower, a mighty fortress. But, in the words of a sweet story I heard from the pulpit once, sometimes you need someone with skin on.

Maybe that is just the lesson I have to learn in my singleness. I have to lean on God when there is no one else beside me. Ladies, if you have a hero in your life, be grateful. Thank them for the role they play every day to be a hero to you. Whether it’s fixing the car that rattles or going into battle for you. That is their God-given role. Don’t take it lightly.

Back in the 80’s, Bonnie Tyler sang, “Where have all the good men gone….?” They are out there. I know it. And if you are one, reading this, keep fighting.

Then, just for fun, watch this.

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