New Energy

I have new energy and motivation for my fitness goals! I don’t know if it’s the warm weather. It might be getting over two weeks of the flu. Or it might be the possibility of a summer trip to Florida. Whatever the reason, I am forming a plan.

We all need goals. Without goals, we just exist. Maybe our goal is to finish that novel we bought six months ago and stuck on a shelf. Maybe we want to save money for a new car. Maybe we want to spend more time with God or family. Goals are good. They are healthy. They tell us we are alive. But I need to be SMART about my goals:

S-Specific (who, what, when, where)

M-Measurable (easy to track)

A-Attainable (is it possible?)

R-Relevant (does it line up with your life goals?)

T-Time bound (put a deadline to it)

So I’m going to use this blog to track my progress. Keep me accountable, okay? In the next few days I will decide on a specific meal plan, exercise plan and plan for staying connected to God, because I know I can’t do this on my own. Change is hard, no matter how small or positive it is. Hopefully I’ll learn some new habits that I will keep after I’ve reached this goal. If you’ve lost some motivation, you can start again, too!


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