Approval Addict

An interesting thing about recovery is that it is never instantaneous. It is a process. We are never fixed but we can get closer to the healing we desire if we just keep working the steps.

I took my 3-year chip this week. I began Celebrate Recovery three years ago. I’ve learned a lot about myself in those three years. But I’m not done yet. God keeps refocusing the microscope on the next thing.

For me this week, it’s my approval addiction. I continue to be amazed at how much I desire other’s approval. If I think I don’t have it, I keep my distance. If there is someone who I admire, I want it all the more. And I get anxious if I think I don’t have it.

What a relief it is to begin understanding this! Even after three years I’m still working it out. God continues to focus my attention on one blade of grass at a time.

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