Something That Scares You

I’m a week away from take-off. This time next week I’ll be traveling to Rome for the conference. Actually, at this time of day I’ll probably be sitting in the airport in New Jersey, but I’ll be on my way. People keep asking me if I’m excited about it. Honestly, I’m apprehensive. Traveling can be hard. Lay-overs, making connections, crammed into uncomfortable airplane seats, seven-hour time difference. And these 42-year-old joints get sore from sitting.

I’ll be off of my training schedule. I’m not sure how I can keep up my routine when I don’t have a gym to go to and I don’t know if our itinerary will allow me time to do anything like that. I’ve come so far and I don’t want to take steps back. But, it’s probably inevitable.

I have to pack for three weeks for any kind of weather. Of course, layers is the way to go. And pack light. Three weeks worth of contact solution and my good shampoo. Priorities.

Plus all the things I can think of that might go wrong. What if something happens back here while I’m away?

Just being real, here. And I could drive myself crazy just thinking about all the what-ifs, then I’d never do anything. And that’s not acceptable to me. A fulfilling life is a life full of risk. This trip could prove to stretch me beyond where I’ve ever been. I choose from this point forward not to focus on my concerns, but the amazing opportunity I’m walking into. The people I’ll meet and get to serve. The chance to love as Jesus did. The cultures I’ll experience. How cool is that!

They say that every day you should do something that scares you. Check!

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