We Are Starrett


Long illness or sudden event. It always takes us by surprise. The emotion overtakes us. Great sadness. The loss of a life. Not just theirs, but in the lives of everyone they touched.

Even if we are not especially close to them, we hurt for those who are. The ones whose lives were so intimately entwined with theirs, now broken.

We mourn the loss and the all the time we took for granted.

We think we have forever……. when really, life is much more fragile than we want to believe.

It would be easy to blame the Giver for taking away too soon. Unfair, cruel even. But, that is life. We forget that were never promised another day. Another hour.

I don’t want to believe that. I want to believe that I have lots of time.

And then, I’m forced to face the truth…. that this life is one blink. One second. One millimeter. And it’s over.

And the next begins…..

Except for those left here. Left trying to fill the hole and heal the hurt of loss. We try together. We walk on together. Some days we hold each other up, until each step gets easier and thinking of them doesn’t hurt as much.

And we can smile and be grateful for the time we spent with them.