Countdown to Birmingham

I’m less than two weeks away from my trip to work with OM Lifehouse in Birmingham, England. I’ll spend a week at the Transform 2012 Conference in Rome, then on to England for two more weeks. I’m looking forward to this trip, although a little anxious about being away from home for such a long time. I’ve always been one of those that doesn’t want to just visit another country, but really experience it. This is one of those opportunities where I’ll get to do that. Birmingham in a large city, the second largest in England and they do speak English (I admit, that was one of the reasons I applied for it.)

Maybe it is the anxiety and doubt fueling this, but I’ve been asking myself, “Why are you going? What do you hope to accomplish on this trip?” It is a mission trip, so what is my mission?

Simple…… Serve. Love. Learn.

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