My friend, Tracie has been on an amazing journey. I hope this helps some who fight the health and weight battle.


Well, that’s my result anyway. It’s actually week 12 now and the last few weeks have been really hard. I feel like I’ve lost all control – or rather felt like I lost all control of my eating. I’ve had issues of over-eating in the past, but never binges like I’ve experienced the last few weeks.

So, what happened? This is what I think:

A combination of

  • too restrictive of diet
  • stress at work
  • stress of changing jobs
  • stress of starting school
  • home/family stress
  • not enough fat and other nutrients in the diet
  • adrenal/lack of energy issues
  • plus any hormonal fluctuations that we women all get to experience
  • sleep disturbances
  • Also, I have to mention motive: My motive for this diet wasn’t purely better health, but rather my competitiveness chimed in – a weight loss challenge. Pride and ego involved now – No bueno.

It all adds up after a while and has…

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