It’s Mental

Two and a half years ago I started on an inner journey toward healing. This past December, after some success at getting emotionally stronger, I felt God telling me that getting physically stronger was the next leg of my journey. So, I re-joined a gym and signed up with a personal trainer. What I quickly discovered is that this is about much more than gaining muscle. This is about mental strength as well.

I struggle a lot with giving into negative, even destructive thoughts. My world and your world caters to them. That big black screen in your living room called the TV is the door they enter. The messages can be blatant or very subtle. And one thought can lead to another, which leads to a destructive action and down a path that we don’t want to go. My number one, go-to thought in the face of perceived rejection or failure is, “I’m just not good enough.” It seems sad, but it’s more than that. One thought like this can lead to destructive relationships, habits and self-hurt. If we think are not good enough for the good things in life that God has for us, we will not wait for them and go to the easy, the good enough, the Mr. Right-Now’s.

This is where the enemy has us bound. If he can control our thoughts, he can control us. Turning our thinking habits around is about as easy as raising the Titanic. But, I believe, victory in all areas of life comes from changing how we think about our world and ourselves.

So this process of reducing my BMI and getting toned is also about trimming the fat in my head. I have to believe I can do it. It’s hard and some days I want to quit, or I want to tell my trainer he needs to get off whatever he’s smoking cause there ain’t no freaking way I can do what he’s telling me to do. But, in the end, I hate to admit it, he’s right. I can do it.  Though it may not be pretty the first or second, or even the third time, I can do it.  I have to overcome the mental obstacles and get stronger. And what’s more, I deserve to be healthy and strong.

Now I ask you. How do you get mentally strong?

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