Josh Hamilton

I love my Rangers. I especially love this team. Who couldn’t love the group that brought us so close to our first World Series Championship? And, I love Josh Hamilton. Obviously he’s a great player. But I love his openness about his faith and his struggles. He’s an MVP and he’s an addict. Unfortunately, or fortunately his struggles with substance abuse get played out on a national stage. When he gets drunk at a bar, it’s news. Bad for him, but maybe not so bad for the issue as a whole and others who fight the same demons. Anytime this issue can be discussed, I think it is for the best. It’s an education for those of us who have not wrestled with this issue. Don’t condemn him. Listen and try to understand.

Well, I can’t express it any better than Jeff Passan.

(Don’t know why I can’t make this link active. Just copy and paste into your browser.)

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