Dancing in the Rain

Over the Christmas holidays I was picking up a few gifts when I found myself in Lowes. They had a display with some wall art. You know the kind. Watercolored flowers, abstract swirls, some with clever sayings or scripture. Some are pretty. Some are a little cheesy. Some make me want to gag.

This particular day one got my attention. Any other time in my life, I might have passed it by without much thought. But this one succinctly stated a thought that I have come to believe as the goal for most of life, especially for those who are in any kind of recovery. It said, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

I think most of us can admit we are not living the life we thought we would be living 20 years ago. We’re living in Plan B. But the key to enjoying our life is not to wait until our plans develop and our goals are made. It’s not about hanging on until each crisis has passed. The key is loving each day of the journey. It’s experiencing the joy in the midst of trouble. It’s finding a moment of clarity and peace in the chaos. We can’t always choose our life circumstances. In fact, I’ve found that I have much less control over my life that I want to admit. But this is the life God chose for me. And I yield to his wisdom over mine.

So I spent $11.99 and bought the picture. It hangs in my house. On the days when the rains come, when the puddles come up to my ankles and my socks get wet, when my car is making that funny noise again, when my students are on my nerves by 8:45, when my friends haven’t returned my calls and I’ve got $25 in my bank account to last me another week…… I choose to pause, take a deep breath and remember that I am loved with an amazing, perfect love. He sees me and there is purpose in the storm.

How about you? Wanna dance?

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