Recovery Road

I’m switching to WordPress for this blog starting today. I’ve heard that you can’t comment on the Blogger site unless you have an account. And I’ve heard from multiple sources that WordPress is better. I’m still learning all of the features. This will be fun!

My original goal was to blog once a week, but I think I’ll bump it up to twice. So for those who care, I’ll post Mondays and Thursdays. For all I know this could be sitting on a hard drive somewhere from now until Jesus comes back, no one really knowing or caring it’s here. But I know and that’s all that matters right now. Isn’t a blog all about me anyway?

The election season is officially upon us. Iowa Caucuses are history. Anybody tired of it already?

Now, as I said last week, I don’t want to debate politics. Every time I try, I usually get into a discussion with someone much smarter than I am and walk away feeling like I just lost some IQ points. So I’ll throw out the first message in a series by Andy Stanley of Northpoint Community Church in Georgia for you to consider. This is not just another message from a pastor telling us we need to get involved and vote our conscience, yadda, yadda, yadda. This about 45 minutes long, but well worth the time. Turn off the TV and watch this first message in the series, then tell me what you think. If you’d rather just listen, you can download the podcast on iTunes and transfer it to your mobile device.

Recovery Road: We The People, Part 1

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