About Debbie

margaritaball2010I grew up with music around me. I have sung in public since I was around 12 years old. I was a member of the band in high school, a music major in college, and I teach elementary music in the public school. I’ve studied with some great voice teachers, including Jing Ling Tam at the University of Texas at Arlington, Barbara Law in Duncanville, Texas and Tim Carson of Vocal Artistry in Seattle, Washington. I’ve been blessed to learn from some great worship leaders, including Eric Phillips at The Church on Rush Creek in Arlington, TX. I’ve sung at Johnnie High’s Country Music Review and the Grapevine Opry, and I’m a featured Doo Wopp with Johnny D. and the Doo Wopps in Arlington. Community Theaters, Opera Workshops and coffee bars have all helped me learn my craft.

I love pushing myself to learn new things. My latest adventure has led me down a road toward physical fitness and emotional healing from anxiety and depression. A lot of what I’ve learned is wrapped up in a concept I call Core 9.24. Click on the link on the left to see more.

Teaching what I have learned over the years is exciting. Debbie9r (ZF-6839-15938-1-002)They say you don’t fully learn something until you can teach it. I think that is true. I also believe that growth is essential in art and life. If we stop learning and growing, we stop living.

Singers are unique in that our voice is the most personal of all instruments. Our voice is us and sometimes we take criticism more personally than we should. But in order to grow as a singer, we have to somehow detach from our instrument and examine it objectively. Equally as important is understand how much of who we are and what we have experienced is connected to our voice.

I welcome the challenge of helping other singers find their voices and in encouraging everyone I encounter to run their best race here on Earth.

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